Tomorrow is such a long time...
I've taken up dream-notes, today.

The first dream that I recollect involved a large (I mean large) US military helicopter. Somehow, it was inhabited by at least one rat and a dog, both of whose shit made the cavernous cabin of the 'copter have a nasty stench. And the rat was huge and satanic.

I was being "shown the ropes" by Donald Rumsfeld. I apparently had just signed on to be one of America's Heroes, and part of my family was there with me--my immediate family, not my wife--my father and brother. Rumsfeld shared some strategy with us. On scout patrol, the routes had been timed, which resulted in many attacks with IEDs and Iraqis (or something like Iraqis) with AK-47s. Instead of merely unscheduling the patrols, Rumsfeld proposed to spray every bridge with mass fire before the patrol went on the bridge--like a nightly event in the middle of the night. This was going to be my job in the Spruce Goose of a helicopter.

In a separate dream, I dreamt that my wife and I moved to a large condo near the Rillito River basin in Tucson--right near River and Campbell streets. The place was beautiful and large, more like something one would see in the Hamptons that a Tucson living space. We had dinner, and Jess was primping up the place, and then we found out that we had signed up for some kind of time-share, and snowbirds (retired old people that live in the Southwest during the winter) would be living with us--the exact same space, no separate rooms. They were very cordial, and one offered me a cigarette, and I accepted. (I've not smoked for something like 4-5 months.) Before this part of the dream, I walked along the Rillito to the new "beach" house, and took a photograph of a beautiful, magenta, incandescent sky--with my new cell phone camera, with a big 'ol 1.3 MB picture capability.

The other dream that I recall seems to have connected three different parts. On The Office, there's a scene where managers go to New York City (headquarters) and one is totally unprepared, but Michael made a presentation that didn't match the expectations. Last night I found out that a linebacker at my alma mater, Buena Vista University, has become a PE teacher at a Montessori school in The Valley (Maricopa County / Phoenix). And I met a Korean grad student yesterday that had taught a single class as part of a job application, to be a professor.

These elements came together when I was expected to teach a single class as part of a job application on the subject of rabbits to what seemed to be adult Montessori students. Before I got to go up, the male teacher said, "Okay, are we done?" and a student said, "Yes!" promptly. A female was evaluating my presentation; there were some multimedia problems. I showed a documentary on rabbits, only a couple minutes long. Then I started analyzing it with the people in the room, much like an English 101 or 102 class. My discussion questions brought a frown to the face of the evaluator because this was a science job application. I was supposed to be talking about rabbits scientifically. (Incidentally, I was in the science and engineering library for the first time yesterday.) It ended up that I did really well, but had done an English presentation instead of a science one. I don't know if I got the job. In the dream, I sensed a lot of anxiety, like, I had to get the job--I'd knowingly applied for a job I was not qualified for, but it seemed like a Road Warrior-type world where making a living was no easy task.

Those are the dreams that I can remember. For some reason, I have a lot of dreams about war. The one about teaching is new. Sadly, last night I did not have a dream where I was a brilliant writer, looking down on the screen, and typing the most g-dly genius-level stuff since Coleridge.

Hopefully I'll have more dreams tonight. --adam

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