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Oh, the multiplicity of the word, cf my subject line.

In this report: two things I read in the paper this morning; reviews of two parties that 'twas had at my humble abode, and intimations of the Future.

I read this in the AZ Daily Star today. Why is it that so many people are afraid of sports supplements? Seriously, I saw that Glenn Beck on CNN reporting, with utter credulity, that Pat Robertson can leg press 1,000 pounds. Watch the video. He's doing 15% of his range of motion; his legs are at about 20 of the necessary 90 degrees for a full repetition of the exercise. Let's not forget that he's cheating by using his arms to push his knees. If that's a rep, then I'm friggin' born again.

The AZ Star article questions the long-term health consequences not of creative, testosterone boosters, or branch-chain amino acids, but of protein shakes. Yep, you heard it here folks: we can't really be sure that eating whey protein powder could kill you. This is complete and utter nonsense, placed right next to an article asking, "What's the best place in Tucson to get French fries?" What!? Well, since everybody I know eats fries, then dadgumit, they must be healthy! But only obscure, muscled, toned, strong men and women with low body fat percentages eat those questionable protein shakes. Must be dangerous! Go into a university library, read a kineseology/exercise performance academic journal, and one can pretty much assume that since study after study measures the effectiveness of both protein supplementation and creatine, and since human subjects do not get tested on products that could cause permanent harm to the body, one can assume that unless scientists are trying to damage their human subjects, then creatine and protein supplementation is safe. I could rant on and on about the American public's dearth of knowledge on diet and exercise; actually, I don't need to; it's been done for me. The part that actually offends me is that people think there must be something wrong with someone strong, quick and fast, who wants to be stronger, quicker and faster. "Benefits, risks of sports supplements unclear," says the headline. Utter foolishness! There's something wrong with people that are fat, not the people that lack fat!

Then I read this letter-to-the-editor, whose sentiments are more and more unlikely as "the reality community" wins over the polyanna statements of the Bush Administration about Iraq:
Get job done in Iraq

We could take a lesson from Israel. While we pander to the compassionate and understanding folks who insist on a restrained approach to Iraq, unnecessary military deaths occur. Those same compassionate — dare I say liberal — folks then deride the administration for those deaths, as if we should vacate completely.

Let's just go in and get the job done. Are we being shown diplomatic and civilized warfare methods by Iraqi militants? I think not. Many would say we're not learning from previous conflicts, such as Vietnam. I would agree, in that we should have learned that either you go to war and fight to win, or don't bother. Let's go to war like we mean it, and get the job done.
Gregory A. Miedema
Dakota Builders Inc., Tucson
"Get the job done"??? There's no military solution to a political problem. Our unprovoked war of choice in Iraq opened up a Pandora's Box of ethnic conflict. Iraqi insurgents live in the same houses as peaceful grandmothers. To "get the job done" would mean to increase the already stratospheric angst against the occupying Americans. What could we do? Bomb targets? We guard the targets. Go door to door with rifles? That'll really win over the populace. Murder all the 16 to 30 year old men, like Herod going after Jesus? The only solution is to get the troops out, and ensure that George W. Bush lives on in his uncurious, well-deserved infamy. The worst president in our entire history as a nation!

So, those are two things that spiked my angst -- but that's why I read the paper, baby.


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