More Narcissism. Sigh.

I love my fans! A survey:

First Name: ADAM
Age//: 23

Gender//: male
Nickname(s)//: Skank
Hair Color//: brown
Hair Style//: short, kinda
Eye Color//: blue

What is your favorite

Color//: purple and blue
Game//: Theory.
Song//: "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" Nirvana
Animal//: Ellie, eine Hund
Sport//: Basketball
Country//: Germany, 1925
Movie//: Coffee and Cigarettes
Food//: Eggs, coffee


Best//: That Knutson chick
Funniest//: David Rosman
Coolest//: Joe Cool


Have a Boy(Girl)friend//: Married w/out Children (Kinderen)
Are you in love right now//: Jessica Knutson is HOT!
Do you have a crush//: The past never dies, dearest Jurgen
Do you have a stalker//: Tucson's finest
Do you miss someone right now//: My Muse

What do you do

At school//:  Act smart and pretentious
At home//: Read on internet
Outside//: bike, walk dog, talk on cell phone
When you first wake up//: Brush teeth, say "Yes" to life (what a band!)

What _____do you hate

Food//: larvae
Color//: agent orange 
Hair color//: burnt
Tv show//: All
Clothing style//: Hick Adam just off the bus without a dollar
Movie//: Optimistic films make me hopless...

Emotions Right Now

Are You Happy Right Now//: "Happiness," I posit, is merely a post-reflective mirror of an idea set forth by a juridico-medico epistemological regime/discourse based upon a logic of deference to the authority of one's self necessarily coupled with the State as such. So yes.
Sad//: I'm post-sad; Kurt Cobain sings, "I miss the comfort in being sad."

Grumpy//: Yes. Heaven knows I'm miserable now.
Annoyed//: I'm pre-annoyed.
Angry//: Not in the Angry White Male sense, fo sho. I'm a self-described liberal, you know.
Sick//: My ear hurts slightly.
Lonely//: with everybody.
Bored//: Never. Touche.

Have you ever

Made your own religion//: I'd call it "Posterity Sucks."
Written backwards//: Kcnehcs. Yes.
Written your own magazine//: Only in banalities.
Drawn art//: Not consciously.
Gotten angry with a game//: Anger is passe.
Played Lacrosse//: Nein.
Broken a bone//: No.
Dyed your hair//: Just wait.
Put in contacts for no reason//: I wish I could have.
Swam alone//: Yeah, actually.

Things that come to mind when you read...

Intelligence//: Unfettered eloquence.
Stupidity//: Dolt Joe from PA.
Depress//: That button!
Blood//: Tasty.

Blue//: Gulls.
Gray//: Dorian. That Oscar Wilde was cute!
Sword//: Vivisection. Sheath for.
Golf//: -ness.
Yellow//: by Coldplay
Socks//: Clean.
Ribbons//: In my hair?

Random Questions

Play Sports, if so, what ones//: Basketball
Have a lot of friends//: Could use more.
Write good//: Dammit, Clem, I told them survey-writers they got to use that proper English! None of this local color stuff!
Eat a lot//: Only enough to stem the evil tide.
Like the day Friday//: Prefer Tuesdays, 3 p.m. Happy Hour.
Like the month December//: Here and there.

Do you(or are you)

(DY)Give good advice//: I think so/not.
(DY)Talk crap//: I am (talk crap)!
(DY)Play a lot of games//: Pscyhological--not enough.
(DY)Wear hats//: Helmet when I bike.
(DY)Like to be outside//: I need a basketball hoop.
(AY) Always mad//: Love that mercury!
(AY) Always happy//: As long as "happy" includes "miserable"
(AY) A good friend//: Even Jesus'll let ya down.

This or that (Last questions)

Night or day//: Day, morning
Snow or Rain//: Snow, eh
Stars or the Moon//: Moon
Ocean or Pool//: When is a choice not a choice. Now.
Boat or Plane//: Boat good.
Books or Magazines//: Salon.com
Blonde or Black Hair//: White!
Green or Blue Eyes//: Brown.
Pants or Shorts//: Shorts.
Pop or Rock//: Rock.
Tattoos or Piercings//: No, but I like to claim that I like needles.
Necklace or Ring//: Wedding band. Unforced, honest.
Clouds or No Clouds//: Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you.
Art or Literature//: There's a difference?
Jeans or Baggy Pants//: I need some Tibetan pants.
Singing or Dancing//: Dancing is bad.
March or May//: "She was born in spring, but I was born too late. Blame it on a simple twist of fate." --Bob Dylan
Halloween or Christmas//: XMAS. Love that Jesus!
Coke or Pepsi//: Give me a drink.
Hug or Kiss//: Do you need a Hugg?


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