George W. Bush and Political Theatre

From Frank Rich on NYTimes:
The only people clamoring for Mr. Libby's freedom were the pundits who still believe that Saddam secured uranium in Africa and who still hope that any exoneration of Mr. Libby might make them look less like dupes for aiding and abetting the hyped case for war. That select group is not the Republican base so much as a roster of the past, present and future holders of quasi-academic titles at neocon think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute.
I don't think Rich goes far enough. Nearly all of the "Beltway MSM" (mainstream media) were indeed "clamoring" for Libby's "freedom."

It is the MSM's consensus that Bush and Cheney, et al., never be held accountable for all of their disasters.

Why? Because Bush and his boys (and girls) have played and will play the media game as well as any administration in history.

Compare Italitian Fascist Benito Mussolini, famous for his pomposity, to our "decider" and "war president" George W. Bush:

Let's face it. The "architect" Karl Rove is more theatrical maestro than political genius. This era of American cultural history is remarkably shallow, sapped, and insipid, and impudent -- a lot is shitty things. People lose their cell phones, strangers pick them up, then demand $450 (I read it in the paper today).

Into this vacuum comes the great posturer, Bush, who, let's be honest, is no more "authentic" than Mitt Romney, and never really believed in anything more than himself, his ego, and the only promise he has kept is to serve his "base" of white Christian American powerful, wealthy men.

Indeed, in a fundraiser speech, Bush joked,
Some call you the elite. I call you my base.
And his Administration has given little bits of "insider" news -- to Time magazine (Matt Cooper), to the New York Times (Judy Miller), to Faux News, and fed the rest of the MSM enough tripe that they're still publishing Administration talking points/propaganda, like how anyone killed in Iraq is now "al-Qaida."

And you can bet this is what Hell looked like, with Lucifer's triumphalism in Paradise Lost, and this is how the newspaperman in 1930s Germany and Italy loved-upped the photogenic, theatrical Hitler and Mussolini.

In the above pictures, the hero-worship camera angles are there. It's clearly the pathetic, kitschy, simplistic theatrics of the Cult of Masculinity.

Oh, Bush's codpiece is so damn resolved
, isn't it?

Oh, Mussolini's jaw is so resolved, isn't it?

And the poses both take on above are equally pathetic -- first with the Napoleonic self-congratulation of Mussolini on his white horse, and Bush's equally fake update in our benighted cultural era. Flight-suit Bush is the Napoleon pose... (below)

...updated in the contemptible era of Top Gun and Jerry Bruckheimer -- theatrics for those stupid enough to fall for it.

And here's the thing -- our press has fallen hook, line, and sinker with all of this inane shit. And they're still falling for it. Unencumbered by Bush's approval ratings cemented -- as surely as Jimmy Hoffa -- in the 20s.

For, we know, Bush fills a psychological-cultural need with all of his posturing. Why can Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Libby break the law? Because they're the "good guys" -- we ought to be kept in the dark. Jack Bauer is torturing terrorists for our own good, and dammit, can't we just trust him and be patriotic?

(Compare camera angle to above pictures)

And there's no Jack Bauer, there's no heroic "Bush" or "Cheney" -- they're all fiction. And sadly, Bush and Cheney are real people, contrived, conceited, fallible men.

Tin Men. Governing a castle of cards. Lacking their emperor clothes.

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