E-mail to Grandma Schenck

Dear Grandma Schenck,
I guess it's a sort of good thing when there is a lack of news, as you described
the goings on of the Schenck clan in your letter.
I have some news, though. Jess is in Iowa right now, at one of her Buena Vista
friend's wedding. Her sister Stacy and her mom Linda went there with her. They
like to take trips east from Colorado every so often. Linda has a sister in
Storm Lake, which is right near where the wedding is (Ida Grove). Jess will be
back on Monday night. It's been different having myself here alone in Tucson. I
worked on Friday night, and today I did laundry and then dropped off my white
Lexus at the Lexus of Tucson dealership. My driver's side power window quit
working. It's a lot more dangerous to have windows open in Arizona than Iowa.
Tucson and Phoenix have the highest car theft rates and property crime rates in
the country.
Speaking of property crime, I was recently a victim of that for the second time
in Tucson. Last fall Jess's mountain bike got stolen. Last Wednesday apparently
some homeless person or someone went into the locker room of the old gym where I
play basketball Monday/Wednesday/Fridays and used a bolt cutter to go though ten
locked lockers, one of which was mine. We knew that people went through there,
but I had my bag in a locker. My wallet got stolen. It only had $6 in it, but
the thief went on a hourlong spree to three gas stations with my credit card. I
don't have to pay that, of course. I filed an official police report. I had a
$20 watch stolen, and, sadly, my engagement ring, which was gold and worth
about $200. I shouldn't have had it in the locker, but I don't wear the ring
when I lift weights and play basketball, and I prefer(red) to wear the ring
while teaching in the morning. Oh, well. Jess and I will buy a new one for $50
or so, with some sort of artsy engraving. I think I'll call my insurance
company to see if I can get anything from them.
Ironically, those things were stolen but nothing else. I bought my camping bag
for $130 a month or so ago, and it was there, as was my cell phone (which I
used to immediately cancel the credit card) and my MP3 player. The thing I
really do not want stolen is my new $500 bike. I secure it with a U lock and a
cable; I could just leave it in my teaching assistant office, but that would
mean walking a half mile on campus between classes and working out instead of
riding and saving time. The bikes that get stolen have U locks that can be
picked with Bic pens, and I don't have one of those
My reaction to the theft was not anger. I'm not planning on living permanently
in the southwest. I guess this is a sort of local experience. A stolen bike or
a stolen vehicle--that would be bad. As for whoever stole my stuff (and who
stole some stuff out of other peoples' lockers as well), their breach of ethics
will catch up with them.
There is some good news, though. I had complained to our cable company, Cox, for
dropping one of my favorite channels, which played current rock videos. They
offered us a free year of nine HBO channels, and Jess and I took them up on it.
I'm watching a show that my brother likes, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," which stars
the guy that wrote most the the "Seinfeld" episodes.
Our dog, Ellie, is healthy and being a good dog. And I'm working out a lot, as
usual, and managing my time better now that I have gotten down to only working
once or twice a week at BJ's Restaurant (the spending cash is still nice).
I love and miss you. I do hope there isn't much ice this winter. I don't even
have to wear a jacket.

No profanes - sacred

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