1. A Life of Striving: Introducto... Personal Philsophy
  2. Football Season
  3. In My Restless Summer
  4. Blue Collar Blues
  5. Dear Coffee
  6. Dear Coffee
  7. On Notoriety
  8. Bad Scooter
  9. Debate!
  10. Stuff and Such
  11. Ah, Noche!
  12. Literary Moments
  13. Debate Reaction
  14. An Open Letter
  15. Postmodernism
  16. John Daily Show
  17. News from Afar
  18. The Muse is Dead
  19. Friday!
  20. On Voting
  21. A letter to Anna Formichella Elsden
  22. The New Cynicism
  23. Narcissism and Hell
  24. 'Rents
  25. Update
  26. A Thanksgiving Letter
  27. More Narcissism. Sigh.
  28. Philosophical Discussion w/ Cousin: A Thread
  29. Friendster E-mail Exchange about Tucson AZ
  30. What does Foucaultian mean?
  31. A Good Tongue-in-cheek blog entry
  32. Conversation: Iraq, Thoughtful Young Men
  33. Time to Get Serious
  34. Canyon Grand
  35. Letter to Grandma Schenck
  36. Miserableness Itself.
  37. Wisdom Teeth Soyonara
  38. Long E-mail to Grandma Schenck
  39. Dr. Kolodny's Class
  40. A Legal Question for Readers
  41. Threats
  42. My Letter to the Editor in the NYTimes
  43. On Friendship
  44. My Diss Idea
  45. The Best Cigarette*
  46. Hunter S. Thompson is Dead
  47. Interpol Show
  48. Karate "Pockets"
  49. Presentation
  50. On Homophobia
  51. My response to an inane letter to the editor concerning T. Schiavo
  52. Ms. Orient responds
  53. Happy Easter.
  54. I work too much...
  55. I saw...
  56. Kurt Cobain died today, 11 years ago.
  57. What I think...
  58. Bob Dole Officially Insane.
  59. Tucson Club Crawl
  60. I have invited...
  61. My fetishization of undergrad
  62. Spoon in Tucson!
  63. Show
  64. I finished...
  65. Typing Exercise
  66. We moved.
  67. Lincoln, NE.
  68. Unreformed Procrastinator
  69. I got all the way to grad school only to be told to go back home.
  70. Journalism Jobs
  71. I enjoy weightlifting.
  72. On Episode III
  73. Some scare me.
  74. update of sorts.
  76. (no subject)
  77. Trip.
  78. (no subject)
  79. I love to hate the South...
  80. Clientele and Spoon
  81. Henry Miller
  82. Jesus and the apostle Paul
  83. Blog Change
  84. Bad Advice: Why do Women Always Read Their Man Perfectly?
  85. Bad Advice: Crazy Young Wanderlusty Women
  86. Bad Advice: The French Know Revenge
  87. Bad Advice: Absent at Night
  88. Bad Advice: The Children Question
  89. Bad Advice: Family Values
  90. Bad Advice: On Relating to Strangers
  91. Bad Advice: On Answering Rhetorical Questions
  92. Advice on Advice: Suit Thyself
  93. I Heart San Fran
  94. Note.
  95. Club Crawl
  96. Idea
  97. E-mail to Grandma Schenck
  98. From the Only in Tucson Dept.
  99. Sex and Evil
  100. the great decision...
  101. ray lamontagne
  102. class today
  103. class
  104. (no subject)
  105. What is Homophobia?
  106. Reply to Rage4Truth
  107. Idea
  108. What the world eats
  109. Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays
  110. word
  111. message to Kim, Jess's UNL friend
  112. paper writing
  113. The 4th Amenddment
  114. The Flu
  115. idea
  116. list thing
  117. Work Tonight
  118. Who knows what this means, or why one would write it this way?
  119. Last Night
  120. 4 hrs a day
  121. This is why...
  122. My wife...
  123. Delicious!
  124. reply, re meat, abortion, logic and values
  125. Empire, Space, Suppression
  126. Funny...
  127. From the WTF file...
  128. More WTF stuff...
  129. ...
  130. re last entry
  131. Reading: Leslie A. Fiedler, _Love and Death in the American Novel_
  132. On Binge Drinking
  133. "? and you like girls with mental disorders?"
  134. Letter to Grandma Schenck
  135. "Not Dark Yet," bob dylan
  136. (no subject)
  137. E-mail to Robert Schenck on education
  138. (no subject)
  139. Lawrence Durrell, _Justine_
  140. response to laowai, (trying to) define current scholarship in literature depts.
  141. class 1-24 musings
  142. On Durrell and Miller
  143. (no subject)
  144. Listening: Decemberists
  145. class 1-26
  146. letter to the editor (Omaha World-Herald)
  147. response about feelin' blue
  148. Regarding James Frey, WMD, Lobbying and other Lying
  149. (no subject)
  150. _Brokeback Mountain_ and _Balthazar_
  151. Interesting...
  152. Raw Meat?
  153. Nietzsche
  154. My Marriage, Short Description
  155. (no subject)
  156. Sample Essay
  157. From _Postmodern Culture_
  158. Dessication
  159. My love for her has taken such a long time to die...
  160. bob dylan
  161. http://tricycle...
  162. The Super Bowl
  163. Class 2-7
  164. Interests
  165. Rain!
  166. (no subject)
  167. Recollections of Self
  168. Letter to a Friend in China
  169. Re: _Big Lebowski_ versus _The Royal Tenenbaums_
  170. Research Idea
  171. Class Notes 2*14*06
  172. Tomorrow is such a long time...
  173. Blog for EGU
  174. America's Disgrace
  175. Prose Reading
  176. My Morning Jacket on PBS
  177. Memoirs of Narcissism
  178. Class 2-21
  179. _Cat People_
  180. Geez!
  181. G-d, the Veep...
  182. (no subject)
  183. Letter to Grandma Schenck
  184. Don't worry...
  185. This article...
  186. Decemberists, "On the Bus Mall"
  187. Aphorisme
  188. Class 3-2-06, or How to Welcome the Unexpected
  189. The Knicks!
  190. WOTD (word of the day)
  191. The Sacred and the Profane, Academic Discourse and Truth, Tomorrow's Leaders
  192. Things that cause me great resentment and occasional seething anger
  193. WOTD
  194. My reaction...
  195. I am an official...
  196. Last Night's Dream
  197. Class 3-7-06
  198. Class 3-9
  199. New Pic
  200. America West and Barry Bonds
  201. Salt Lake City & Skiing
  202. Fearsome Traveling
  203. Home
  204. Moral Dilemma
  205. Adam Schenck's Dream #2
  206. Grad School 3-21
  207. Class 3-21
  208. Grad paper on Lawrence Durrell
  209. Sharon Cameron Talk
  210. (no subject)
  211. Article on Academic Life and Friendship
  212. _Transamerica_
  213. Classic
  214. E-mail Etiquette
  215. From a reply to another blogger
  216. Not all TV is bad...
  217. Response: with some self-analysis
  218. (no subject)
  219. _Stendhal_
  220. This could really add some spice...
  221. Self-Analysis
  222. _Slate_ article re: economics and media "bias"
  223. Class 4-4-06
  224. Random Poem
  225. Awesome neologism that I just made up
  226. TV Poem
  227. Comment for current grad students
  228. Stendhal, One of my Favorite Authors
  229. Class 4-6-06
  230. On BMI, Obesity
  231. Want to get depressed really fast?
  232. Ryokan -- I like this poem
  233. Poem on Dialogue
  234. A film from back in the day
  235. _White Teeth_, Zadie Smith
  236. Bob Dylan Show
  237. I like this site
  238. Reflexions during a paper grading marathon
  239. Song in my Head
  240. Notes toward athleticism
  241. Things Jess and I did today
  242. Poem #3
  243. Poem #4
  244. Poem #5: Modern Technology, William.
  245. I hit a car with while on my bicycle.
  246. Song: What I was listening to when I had a bike crash.
  247. (no subject)
  248. I like these poems (not mine)
  249. Colloquium
  250. Class 4-20
  251. Poem #6: Another Her
  252. "Dear Abby" Idiocy
  253. Men's Fingers
  254. Aphorism #1
  255. Sunday Night Ruminations
  256. Word with Original Literary Possibility
  257. Prologue for a novel
  258. Faculty Pay Link
  259. Poem I didn't write
  260. "Blogoholism"
  261. Last couple days
  262. Poem #7: At the Ball Diamonds
  263. Reply to a fellow Mindsayer
  264. Dream Log 4-30-06
  265. Darn Suns!
  266. More Higher Ed Job Bleakness
  267. End of School Year (Pretty Much)
  268. Dream Log 5-3-06
  269. Suns (they won)
  270. _McSweeney's_
  271. Poem #8: An Haiku
  272. I hate children and puppies.
  273. The American Herd
  274. A Good Read
  275. My Other Postpartum Depression
  276. Recent Paper
  277. At a Loss
  278. Remembrance of things lost
  279. Physiology Finding
  280. Why I am so grateful
  281. Mavs v. Suns
  282. Quiz
  283. Things Going On
  284. Whither my Story Arc?
  285. Happenings 5-29-06
  286. On Our President Bush
  287. Today at GNC
  288. Moral Quiz
  289. Another Day, Another Smoke
  290. New Adjunct at Large State University
  291. Hmm, Day Made
  292. Good Site.
  293. Springsteen, "Hungry Heart"
  294. Pat Robertson, poseur
  295. On Our Perpetual War
  296. Corporations
  297. Morrissey, "Everyday is Like Sunday"
  298. T-Nation
  299. Old Tucson
  300. Simple Rules for Eating Healthy
  301. Flag Burning.
  302. NBA Finals Analysis
  303. Poem #9
  304. This GK is Great
  305. Iraq photos
  306. A Letter to the Omaha World-Herald
  307. Aaaagh! Desert summer, unchain me!
  308. Geez.
  309. Smoking
  310. Psychology and stuff
  311. Update on the psych survey
  312. Mavs
  313. Getting up early
  314. Knicks
  315. Interview w/ Robert Reich
  316. The truthful diagnosis I've been waiting two years for...
  317. "War hates you."
  318. From "Dr. Phil"
  319. Quiz
  320. Back from trip
  321. Atheist Thinker
  322. A Site I Found
  323. Why Tucson Smells Like Trash.
  324. Salon article
  325. Slate article...
  326. I'm a post whore today.
  327. This essay...
  328. Trolling...
  329. The Devil's Summer Nights
  330. Delicious Smoothie Recipe
  331. OED definition
  332. Counterintuitive Bumper Stickers
  333. Harlan News (my hometown)
  334. A comment
  335. Newspaper Reading Junk
  336. Queer Theory
  337. Official Vague Entry
  338. Poem #11
  339. Born Today
  340. Poem #12
  341. Poem# 13
  342. The Leonard Cohen Documentary
  343. Tucson's Widening Gyre
  344. Poems I wrote, #s 13 and 14
  345. On Thankfulness
  346. Saying
  347. Daily Dharma from Tricycle.com
  348. Riposte
  349. My LaMont/Lieberman Analysis
  350. Declension Theory and the American Problem
  351. Daily Dharma
  352. Kitties that look like Hitler
  353. Poem #15
  354. Nonsensical Aphorism #1
  355. Nonsensical Aphorism #2
  356. Athletic Endeavor, 8-20-06
  357. 2006 Campaign Critique (also 2008)
  358. Poem #16, bad on purpose
  359. Lord, let me be uxorious
  360. Great Article with Graphs
  361. Weird aphorism #3
  362. Quote
  363. A response I posted & want to put here
  364. The Behnian Condition
  365. (no subject)
  366. _Little Miss Sunshine_
  367. Passed on to me -- men
  368. (no subject)
  369. Olberman on Rumsfeld
  370. Gasps of Rhetoric
  371. Hmm. Names. Doppelgangers.
  372. Stuff I've been thinking about
  373. Nasty Foul
  374. Funny headline
  375. 9-2-06, BYU at Arizona (Football)
  376. _The Wall_
  377. Teaching?
  378. Dylan, "Just Like a Woman"
  379. Muddy Water: Daily Dharma
  380. _Oroonoko_ by Aphra Behn
  381. 9/11 picture that you weren't supposed to see
  382. American Social Structure and Its Discontents
  383. I wonder...
  384. Cartoons on the economy
  385. Schopenhauer Quotes
  386. I like this one
  387. Sweet Article...
  388. Marx, _Das Kapital_
  389. Marx on _Robinson Crusoe_
  390. _On Killing_ and _Syriana_
  391. The Decemberists
  392. Does Marx Misread _Robinson Crusoe_?
  393. _Fearless_ with Jet Li
  394. Joan Didion just plain rocks...
  395. Wow, this is quite the idea
  396. A letter to the editor that I got printed
  397. Life so short...
  398. Tucson accidents
  399. Pink Floyd, _The Wall_, "Goodbye Blue Sky"
  400. New "Adjunct" at _McSweeney's_
  401. Daily Dharma: Cholesterol
  402. Gus Van Sant's _Last Days_
  403. letter to the editor
  404. My talking points
  405. Grading.
  406. Articles
  407. Films: _Hero_ and _House of Flying Daggers_
  408. Will the outrages ever stop?
  409. Coming out day
  410. Poem #16 a haiku
  411. Poem #17
  412. I declare myself...
  413. Blogging Jesus
  414. Poem 666
  415. Tag thing
  416. On teaching; not a bad article
  417. Face recognition
  418. (no subject)
  419. _Once Upon a Time in China_ and _The Ruling Class_
  420. Bob Herbert NYTimes column from a couple days back...
  421. Imitation Billy Collins Poem
  422. Letter to the AZStar
  423. (no subject)
  424. Married grad students
  425. Health Insurance Talk
  426. (no subject)
  427. Student E-mails...
  428. Titles gone berserk
  429. On the US Torture Policy
  430. Obama!
  431. Shankill Butchers
  432. The Terror of Torture
  433. Samuel Johnson quotes
  434. _Good Night, and Good Luck._
  435. Poem #367
  436. Idea
  437. Hey.
  438. Tucson and the Vote No on Prop. 107 Folks
  439. Quick Political Entry
  440. Conference Paper idea
  441. Haiku
  442. Dylan
  443. Proposition
  444. Article on Web Page Design
  445. Adbuster #1
  446. Who knew?
  447. Reply worth posting here...
  448. Great article from CTheory.net
  449. Politcal Tripe
  450. really bad poetry
  451. Article about the Apostle Paul
  452. Happy happy joy joy
  453. New "Dispatches from Adjunct Faculty Member"
  454. Happy Thanksgiving.
  455. Questions.
  456. "In the Pines"
  457. Bob Herbert NYTimes column 11-27-06
  458. 1 Minute Speech
  459. Apolitical Thoughts
  460. Article on our Police State
  461. What to do in Iraq.
  462. Good Article, Or: Our 1848s
  463. Trip
  464. Trip to Palm Springs
  465. Grading...
  466. Christmas
  467. End of the Semester
  468. State of the Profession
  469. Dylan Video
  470. A Post-Ironic Day
  471. "Criminal"
  472. Student Feedback
  473. Another great essay on CTheory.net
  474. World's most popular web sites
  475. T. Friedman
  476. US Foreign Aid
  477. One Worder List : Meme
  478. Smart Academic Back-and-Forth
  479. T. Friedman Again
  480. (no subject)
  481. My fears of the new US economy justified.
  482. They've got a term for it.
  483. The Bleeding Heart Conundrum
  484. Budget Cuts
  485. G-d in the classroom
  486. Smart NYTimes opinion on "freedom"
  487. Thomas Friedman is on a roll.
  488. All I want for Christmas...
  489. Why they "hate" us.
  490. Newspaper Reading / Declension Theory
  491. Memes and "Meming"; the emperor has no skin
  492. Haiku
  493. Cultural Obituary, USA
  494. New "Adjunct" at _McSweeney's_
  495. Letter to the editor, 1-4-07
  496. Update Internet Explorer
  497. Gibran Quote
  498. higher ed, Dylan, Hegel
  499. Teaching
  500. Poems I wrote a while ago.
  501. My second section is great!
  502. I love America.
  503. Good article about "brain drain"
  504. From NYTimes.com
  505. More teaching.
  506. From an interview w/ NE Sen. Chuck Hagel in GQ
  507. What a treat!
  508. Day Zero
  509. Ressentiment
  510. Super Bowl
  511. "Hair today, gone tomorrow!"
  512. Academic Jobs
  513. Ted Haggard: this is hilarious
  514. Chinese soldiers shoot unarmed Tibetan pilgrims
  515. I'm ready to get out of Tucson
  516. So much anger, so much fear
  517. YouTube Dylan
  518. What is Bush doing?
  519. ...the whole wild word is watchin'
  520. L. Cohen
  521. Critiquing the 'Cats, as they win 75-74 over Oregon
  522. I knew the U of Phoenix was a joke...
  523. (no subject)
  524. "It is the sound of freedom."
  525. Al Franken's got my vote in 2008
  526. Baudrillard quotes
  527. Oh those wacky campus radicals
  528. Workout
  529. (no subject)
  530. Article
  531. _Mother Jones_ on Iraq
  532. Barry Obama
  533. Articles
  534. The Decider
  535. Potholes and Corporate-speak: "leveraging"
  536. Sy Hersh at it again.
  537. Garrison Keillor
  538. Exercise in Fiction: Forgotten Youth in American Southwest
  539. Coach K and the nature of winning
  540. Yeats on Good Reading vs. Bad Reading
  541. Yeats: The Lake Isle of Innisfree
  542. on higher ed
  543. (no subject)
  544. _Slate_ review
  545. _Higher Ed_
  546. Midwestern Accent?
  547. Baudrillard Obit
  548. Political language and dis-aster
  549. On Cary Tennis, Salon's advice columnist
  550. Sandburg
  551. Faux News and Race
  552. For NBA Fans
  553. Simpson's Intro
  554. Comment on the US Attorney Firings Scandal
  555. Human and Humanities
  556. Stuff
  557. _Higher Ed_ article
  558. (no subject)
  559. Poem
  560. Keats, "When I have fears that I may cease to be"
  561. The Gospel of Judas
  562. The Heat has come, and I want to Leave
  563. "Security equals freedom"
  564. Hijab/Headscarf
  565. I almost died...
  566. "The Wild Swans at Coole", WB Yeats, 1919
  567. --Reading Notes: Hawthorne, "Young Goodman Brown"; "My Kinsman, Major Molineux"
  568. 9/11/01 to 3/20/03 media
  569. Mediation
  570. Debunking Carlos Castaneda
  571. _Inside Higher Ed_ on community colleges
  572. Quote
  573. Grad student debt
  574. Death Makes Me Sad.
  575. The Hokies
  576. VaTech reaction
  577. Gotta love those school administrators....
  578. from m-w.com
  579. Pretty Snide
  580. Toyota/GM
  581. (no subject)
  582. Tragedy, Tucson; in the paper today
  583. Bush and Kitsch Art
  584. Poem
  585. A dream.
  586. Wm. F. Buckley "Bucks" the GOP; other apolitical thoughts
  587. On Furniture
  588. Attending class
  589. The Exam
  590. repost simple poem
  591. Google likes to troll me
  592. A guy's comment on Salon
  593. On Ideology and "Idealogues" [sic]
  594. Temptation
  595. Churm; the barber
  596. News
  597. Shall we abandon physiognomy?
  598. The Capital Letter
  599. From _Slate_
  600. Bruce Bowen of the San Antonio Spurs; on dirty play
  601. Hey. Skanks.
  602. Neil Young -- "Unknown Legend"
  603. Salon verbiage
  604. Necessary Vocabulary.
  605. The Maury Show Drinking Game
  606. The 1,000-year Reich
  607. Leadership.
  608. Lorizapan -- Everybody's Drug; also: On CareerBuilder
  609. Urban Violence
  610. On Labor
  611. Sy Hersh with more on Abu Ghraib
  612. Der Job Hoont
  613. _Heart of Darkness_, Joseph Conrad, 1902
  614. Google Doublet
  615. My list of musical genius
  616. Glenn Greenwald
  617. Why I hate _Slate_
  618. A reply on Libby commutation: on Clinton "perjury" and Libby's convictions
  619. George W. Bush and Political Theatre
  620. For the politically inactive and "defenders of traditional" whatever ...
  621. Blog over at Huffington Post
  622. Glenn Greenwald's Blog...
  623. Bob Herbert on Urban Violence in the US
  624. The Glory of War...
  625. "Troops!" "Iraq!" "I don't question your patriotism!"
  626. Further evidence of the Bush Administration's Total Moral Depravity
  627. "Feel Good, Inc." takeoff of Bush/Cheney
  628. Salon article, my response
  629. _Inside Higher Ed_
  630. Gen. Petraeus wants to run for president as a Republican...
  631. I still hate _Slate_
  632. Paul Krugman also reads Glenn Greenwald
  633. Is it Act III or IV in Iraq?
  634. You've got to watch this one...
  635. Walt Whitman, "With Antecedents"
  636. Suns-Spurs '07 Game 3
  637. Juan Cole article at _Salon_; my comment
  638. Argument for Atheism
  639. On Midwestern Sickness...
  640. Why the Tour de France is badass.
  641. Addendum to Pro Bicycling Post
  642. Digby says it right...
  643. Data Mine This, George W. Bush
  644. The Hail Mary
  645. My Hillary Muttersehnsüch...
  646. Those expensive shoes'll get ya
  647. I-35W Collapse, other news
  648. Trading the Franchise for...what?
  649. Wilco, "Radio Cure"
  650. Randy Newman "I Love LA" Spoof for the American Love of War
  651. _The Bourne Ultimatum_
  652. What outrages lay ahead?
  653. Bush and Congress, Abuser and Abused
  654. David Brooks' TimeSelect 8-10-07
  655. Mitt Romney at the Iowa State Fair
  656. Spoon, "Eddie's Ragga" and "Finer Feelings" Lyrics
  657. The DC Courtier Class
  658. A Realization of "Drivin' that train / high on cocaine"
  659. Neil Young, "Look Out Joe" from _Tonight's the Night_
  660. (no subject)
  661. Response to an argument against atheism
  662. Our Trojan War Moment
  663. To my academic brothas and sistas
  664. Article on the "American Century"
  665. Definition of QED
  666. Hallmarks of the Bush Presidency
  667. Statistically, Iraq is doing much worse under the "Surge"
  668. My fascination with Crime
  669. The "Latest Comment" Mindsay Feature Rears Its Ugly Head
  670. Thomas Friedman Says Something Almost Smart, But Not
  671. Three Reviews of New Albums: Wilco, Spoon, White Stripes
  672. Collapse for the GOP
  673. "Tolerance" and Acceptance/Reco...
  674. Teacher Shortage
  675. College Football Scene Heating Up
  676. On Sensibility
  677. The Jena 6 Story
  678. Campus Violence. Weird, Tragic.
  679. The Iraq Fallacy
  680. Dick Cheney and Darth Vader Under the Helmet (the former Anakin Skywalker)
  681. Update on Mia Henderson U of AZ Murder
  682. Krugman NYT 9-7-07
  683. John Bolton on the BBC
  684. Good God!!!
  685. NYT Frank Rich Excerpt
  686. The Great Admissions Debate
  687. NYT Krugman Excerpt
  688. Petraeus: "Gimme an F.U.!"
  689. Military History 101
  690. Burning vs. Removing Books
  691. But "Pravda" Means "Truth"
  692. Salon Gary Kamiya Excerpt
  693. Note on the written word
  694. Why I hate _Slate_, Again
  695. Woe, ye holder of Master's degree
  696. War
  697. The Canon Wars, Contd.
  698. Leonard Cohen, "Dress Rehearsal Rag"
  699. A Comment on Salon -- Mormonism
  700. Question about the Bush Legacy
  701. An Unfortunate Husker Fan, and a Note on the History of Blackface
  702. The GOP and Gays
  703. Hiring Don Rumsfeld
  704. Books on the modern political climate of fear
  705. Racism and Time; Iraq and Vietnam
  706. Fired for saying the Bible is not literal...
  707. Krugman 9-24-07
  708. G. Keillor on bottled water and reform.
  709. Job Announcement
  710. Glenn Greenwald 10-2-07
  711. War in Iran: Scary
  712. Men unable to take responsibility
  713. Iowa's 48 Hour Film Project
  714. Courtesy of Blackwater
  715. The Ebb of the Husker Nation
  716. On Commenting on Student Papers: "Drivel"
  717. Tony Snow: Why is this man always on my television?
  718. On hormones
  719. The Actual Iran in Pictures
  720. Message to a right-wing radio personality
  721. "Teach only what you know"?
  722. Review of Wilco show at Northrup Auditorium, U. of MN, 10-11-07
  723. Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize
  724. Dead license plate.
  725. Readings 10-13-07
  726. New New Deal
  727. On Reading: Thomas Mann, _The Magic Mountain_, 1924
  728. Andrew Sullivan on Larry Craig
  729. A Realization of China
  730. MCCA Career Education Conference, 10-19-07
  731. The HigherEd Nonprofit vs. For-profit debate
  732. The Depths of Disgrace...
  733. Teaching...
  734. WBush Haiku
  735. Why does the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune...
  736. Bill Maher article: threat priorities.
  737. Character Analysis, Business, and the NFL
  738. _Inside Higher Ed_ anonymous article and discussion
  739. Piled Highand Deeper
  740. Nas: _Illmatic_
  741. "Things have changed since those days."
  742. Frank Rich, NYT
  743. What I've Been Up To
  744. schencka's rules to live by: morning
  745. Addendum to previous post
  746. Distractions
  747. Poem: "The Miner" by Maxwell Bodenheim
  748. _Hero_: Excellent Use of Diagetic Sound in Film
  749. Iraqi Bloggers...
  750. Star Tribune Piles Dung High
  751. Holidays
  752. Politics and the Reaping of that which one Sows.
  753. Da Knicks
  754. Wilco, "On and On and On" from album _Sky Blue Sky_
  755. _No Country for Old Men_, its precedents
  756. Badass Bible Verses Link
  757. Definition: Google-writing
  758. If things in Iraq are going so well...
  759. Ambition and Paralysis: Omaha Von Maur Shooting
  760. Poem #676
  761. Hulu
  762. Waterboarding
  763. Glenn Greenwald's Quotes for 2007
  764. Benazir Bhutto Assassinated
  765. John Dean on W. Bush
  766. Machiavelli and Resolutions
  767. Hillary Rodham "En Fuego"
  768. Letter to Editor: Fire Molnau (#2)
  769. Politics
  770. Political Dream
  771. _There Will Be Blood_ with Daniel Day-Lewis (contains spoilers)
  772. Does Britney Spears have a mental disorder?
  773. Gayatri Spivak Quote
  774. Andrew Bacevich on Iraq
  775. Just passing on an interesting link...
  776. Obama/Hillary/M...
  777. America By the Numbers
  778. Teaching English....
  779. Poem: "I Dream of Technocrat"
  780. Poem: "Some Students"
  781. Post hoc and faith
  782. Comment for E. Schenck
  783. Greenwald Interviewed by Harper's
  784. Stanley Fish describes the academy
  785. Academic Freedom and Us vs. Them
  786. Funny Blog
  787. Dole/Kemp 1996 Revisited
  788. On the death of Mr. Buckley
  789. _Indiana Jone IV_
  790. On Moussaoui
  791. Henry James on Imagination ("The Art of Fiction")
  792. Two challenges of writing
  793. Reaction to Einstein's "The World as I See It"
  794. Springtime Remembrance
  795. On Torture
  796. Winter Memory, 2004
  797. Theory on Names and Formality
  798. Higher Ed
  799. Delightful Review...
  800. Iraq: (not applicable)
  801. Bush has "no doubts" about Iraq War
  802. Fake Conversations at the University of Arizona
  803. "Supreme Court, Inc."
  804. Religion Should Be Taught in Public Schools
  805. Education and Bullying
  806. Commas!
  807. Iraq War Stuff
  808. David Mamet the Conservative?
  809. Monologue
  810. Effete Liberal Praise for Military
  811. Review: _Blood Diamond_
  812. Quick Review: Darren Aronofsky's _The Fountain_
  813. (no subject)
  814. Memories of My Grandfather
  815. Aphorisms
  816. From a comment on _InsideHigherEd...
  817. Consumerism
  818. The Appeal of Obama
  819. Stanley Fish on French Theory
  820. Smile! At the Apocalypse
  821. Glenn Greenwald Book Excerpt; How to Dismantle a War
  822. Evernote and the Long Now Foundation
  823. Hillary's campaign has lost me over the last couple months.
  824. Film Review: _Flags of Our Fathers_
  825. Frank Rich on the Horrible ABC Debate
  826. Two Good _NY Books_ Articles
  827. Billy Collins, "Marginalia"
  828. If you thought we weren't Christian invaders...
  829. Review: _3:10 to Yuma_
  830. "Stuff White People Like" Blog on Graduate School
  831. Noam Chomsky Still Writing...
  832. Response that I gave to "stateofwar"
  833. Review: _Iron Man_
  834. Hillary Clinton and Bill O'Reilly Love-in on Faux News
  835. _Wired_: Rare Gadgets
  836. PBS _News Hour_ Debate: Fred Kagan/Nir Rosen
  837. _Inside Iraq_ blog: "Another Crime Happens"
  838. Andrew Sullivan: The Case for the Obama/Clinton Ticket
  839. It's Obama with the Nomination
  840. Avoid Jail at All Cost
  841. Music I'm Listening To, 5/10/08
  842. Reviews: _PS I Love You_ and _Charlie Wilson's War_
  843. NY Review of Books: "Iraq: Will We Ever Get Out?"
  844. NYTimes op/ed: Bob Herbert on Youth
  845. Memory of TV Past
  846. Letter to Star-Tribune: 1st Amendment and Pledge of Allegiance
  847. Lament on Phoenix Suns of Old
  848. Campaign: Electoral College Analysis
  849. Idiot Talking Heads
  850. Minnesota Nice
  851. Unbelievable Racism from Kathleen Parker
  852. Student Responses to Kathleen Parker's "Getting Bubba" Op/ed Article
  853. The Words of George W. Bush on Iraq; What the Iraqis Are Saying
  854. Soderbergh's _Che_
  855. Gasoline Prices, SUVs, Another Six (Oh, Five) Months in Iraq
  856. The Apostacy File: Iraq
  857. Effective Long Ad from Al Franken Campaign
  858. Stimulus Check from IRS
  859. The credibility of anonymous course evaluations
  860. Debate: Against Capital Punishment
  861. Idea re: Atheism
  862. Life in NYC: Rough Life Making $60,000 a year
  863. Apolitical Thoughts
  864. Severe Weather, 5-31-08
  865. Pictures of Fat Cats
  866. NY Review of Books on Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA)
  867. NY Review of Books on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
  868. Writing and Politicians; Random Thoughts on Campaign 2008
  869. Reviews: Kurosawa's _Yojimbo_ (1961) and _Indiana Jones IV_ (2008)
  870. Reviews: Kurosawa's _Yojimbo_ (1961) and _Indiana Jones IV_ (2008)
  871. Bush and Rove's Response to Katrina
  872. Letter to the Editor; Star-Tribune 06-05-08
  873. At the DFL (Democratic) Convention for Minnesota
  874. Frank Rich and Krugman Go Positive on Obama
  875. Glenn Greenwald on the Military Commissions (i.e. Kangaroo Kourts) Act Ruling
  876. People Tell Me the Darndest Things
  877. Lord Forgive Me for My Hyperbole and Sarcastic Personal Voice
  878. Review: _Children of Men_
  879. For the English Teachers Out There
  880. Gore Vidal on Bill Buckley
  881. The first Maureen Dowd column I have read since 2002, I think
  882. Interview regarding a book on Roger Ailes
  883. Permanent Bases in Iraq
  884. Gas Prices and Biking Cartoon
  885. Game Designer Shortage
  886. Tiger Won the Open With Cartilage Damage, Stress Fractures, and Lacking an ACL
  887. Constitutionali... and Basketball
  888. Political Fundraising
  889. Re: teaching research methods
  890. Lists: What students would do, and feedback
  891. McCain's in trouble if Obama gets to write his own copy
  892. _Slavery By Another Name_
  893. [Untitled]
  894. Review: _The Battle of Algiers_
  895. Short Review: _Dreams From My Father_ by Barack Obama
  896. Jesse Ventura on Larry King
  897. Equal Opportunity Murder
  898. Self-defense in a time of war
  899. 28 Dead
  900. Ingoldsby: 10 reasons gay marriage is wrong
  901. Maureen Dowd Defends Obama
  902. (no subject)
  903. _The Principles of Scientific Management_ by Frederick Winslow Taylor
  904. The Great Fools of Statecraft
  905. Aphorism
  906. Andrew Sullivan on Obama, December 2007
  907. On Hawthorne's "The Artist of the Beautiful"; Or: Anti-David V. Urban
  908. Comment to Arizona Daily Star
  909. Obama moving to the right
  910. Fourth of July: Liberty and Freedom
  911. Obama strategy for the Democratic Convention
  912. "Embedded in Iraq" from _NY Review of Books_
  913. Special moments in my personal history
  914. Congress Capitulates
  915. Politics: Another McCain Misstep
  916. The Wedding Date, or Death From Above
  917. What were the _New Yorker_ editors thinking?
  918. A doozy of tripe from Tom Friedman
  919. The Peak Experience in Life: Focus
  920. Another reason to not give blood
  921. Philosophical Question: Does Paris Hilton Make the World a Better Place?
  922. The story of graduate school
  923. Writing for money on the internet
  924. Global Rich List
  925. Thought
  926. The Bush Deficit: $500+ billion
  927. "How Obama became acting President"
  928. More NYT: Online "Reading"?
  929. Oliver Stone's _W._ trailer
  930. The World's Biggest Problem: Poverty
  931. McCain ad stars Britney and Paris
  932. I got fired from Best Buy; do not weep for me
  933. Smart take on the campaign's recent mud-turn
  934. McCain: Just Out-and-Out Weird
  935. Fall, 2004: the worst reply-to-all that I've seen
  936. Another McCain "celeb-hit" ad
  937. McCain Speech Bears Resemblance to Wikipedia Entry on Nation of Georgia
  938. Misuse of Chinese Lettering
  939. Erroll Morris on Photography and Digital Manipulation
  940. Choosing Either Truth or Happiness: Learning from the Unexpected
  941. Actual Senior Living Complex Names...
  942. A new privacy with Google Street View
  943. (no subject)
  944. A strong independently-m... anti-McCain ad
  945. Retired Colonel Andrew Bacevic on Iraq
  946. Letter to the editor: Negative Campaigning
  947. Critique of 60 Minutes from my wife
  948. Graphic Video: Olympic Weightlifter Dislocates Elbow
  949. Testy Olympic Baseball Between US and China
  950. Attacking Bicyclists; Scary South Minneapolis
  951. Survey on intellectual diversity at University of Georgia
  952. Men's Decathlon: Bryan Clay of US Wins Silver
  953. On the pax americana
  954. Greenwald on Russia Posturing from the Right
  955. Garrison Keillor Nails It...
  956. America's Iron Lady
  957. "Not to Keep" (1917) by Robert Frost; Or: Stop-Loss Blues
  958. Thomas Friedman with a good point
  959. Soviet Awesomeness
  960. What's missing from the DNC in Denver
  961. Obama's Acceptance Speech
  962. Hallmarks of the Prodigal Era in American Culture
  963. Google Chrome -- a new browser
  964. Arresting Amy Goodman
  965. Just flat-out fun: SPIyN
  966. Best-selling recording artists of all time
  967. Getting Google hits
  968. Another attack on a bicyclist...
  969. Intimidation of young voters at Virginia Tech
  970. More on voting rights and demographic voting patterns for 2008
  971. Completely tin-eared _National Review_ editorial
  972. Throw out those incumbent liberals...
  973. Greenwald researches ("vets") Palin
  974. "The Vacationeers" comedy shorts on YouTube
  975. Charles Barkley muses on politics, race, inequality (excerpt of interview)
  976. HCHS football preview (Harlan Community HS in Iowa)
  977. Google lets us track search term popularity
  978. Remark on a few student ideas
  979. More on law: Article II, Section 4
  980. Reaction to last night's McCain speech
  981. Salon article: "Confessions of an RNC security guard"
  982. Child support formula in Minnesota
  983. David Frum NYTimes Mag: "The Vanishing Republican Voter"
  984. NFL -- and NFL injuries!
  985. Bob Herbert runs the gamut on what progress means to liberals
  986. Jeffrey Goldberg, a punk who says "nothing else matters"
  987. "Be Kanye" ad campaign for Absolut vodka
  988. Example of how the MSM plays by the McCain campaign's rules
  989. The truth of what the McCain campaign is running on
  990. Adjunct instructor treatment
  991. A Visit to Las Vegas: American Kitsch Unbound
  992. The McCain/Palin Campaign of Abuse: It's About Power, Not Lies
  993. Smart Link: An Anthropological View on Why People Vote GOP
  994. Obama releases two-minute ad
  995. WaPo Link: "Five myths about those civic-minded, deeply informed citizens"
  996. Thoughts on Higher Ed from George Steiner
  997. Robert Greenwald video debunks each lying McCain ad
  998. Description of white priviledge
  999. "How to teach veterans" article
  1000. Obama on the economy: I'd call this being aggressive with class
  1001. Bush's disasters in over time
  1002. Letter to editor 9-20-08
  1003. Review: _Pan's Labyrinth_ (or _El Laberinto de Fauno_)
  1004. Dude, where's my $700 billion?
  1005. McCain and Obama on 60 Minutes
  1006. The necessity of seriousness in teaching
  1007. T. Jefferson quote on empire
  1008. Interesting critique of $700 billion fiasco and abuser/abused
  1009. VoteNoBailout.o...
  1010. Bailout statistic: How would you burn $2,300?
  1011. F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote
  1012. Article on presidential rhetoric; a thinking man's wikipedia
  1013. Oh my God!!! My friends, that's not a VP pick we can believe in, Mr. McCain
  1014. On McCain's debate-ducking tactic
  1015. High unemployment? Go to grad school (the stats back it up)
  1016. The VP debate: the politics of repetition
  1017. Quick review: _Burn After Reading_
  1018. Reaction to Presidential Debate, Oct. 7, 2008
  1019. Thomas Friedman blows up Palin
  1020. NYT discussion on teacher pay, working in education
  1021. Review: _M_ by Fritz Lang (1931)
  1022. Unhinged! McCain gets angry at my home state newspaper, The Des Moines Register
  1023. Could this unsavory account of a McCain vacation be true?
  1024. A response to a comment on _Inside Higher Ed_
  1025. Ideological points that I like about Republicans
  1026. Letter to G. Schenck 10-13-08
  1027. The Palin gaffes keep coming, as she mistakes supporters for hippie protesters
  1028. On the stock market rally and so forth
  1029. Wow, the Supreme Court's web site is U-G-L-Y
  1030. The weaknesses of Google
  1031. Maureen Dowd's annoying "I"
  1032. NY Review of Books: What the election of 2008 is all about
  1033. Kanye West and audio-art
  1034. Films: _Das Leben der Anderen_, _Lolita_, and _Atonement_
  1035. Imagine an NBA game: the Colin Powell endorsement...
  1036. Demographic America, Election 2008
  1037. Greatest opener in NYT opinion page history
  1038. A narrative-chang... in politics: vandalism of Republican congressperson's homes
  1039. Some seriousness from Dowd in NYT
  1040. _Rolling Stone_ article on McCain's history: temper, opportunism
  1041. Last night's Saturday Night Live skit
  1042. Review: _Spartacus_ & the Hollywood Scope
  1043. Low-stress livin'
  1044. The NBA is back!
  1045. Kidney stones and kids
  1046. Rudy Fernandez for NBA rookie of the year
  1047. Political ads: commentary from Errol Morris and a Mondale/Ferraro 1984 ad
  1048. The power of Google Books: 1885 book on the ancestry of Schencks
  1049. Photo: dog-sleep
  1050. Peaks and valleys for the Husker Nation
  1051. GG: the "commander-in-c... and the perma-war mindset
  1052. NYTimes reading
  1053. NYT article: med school sounds like grad school
  1054. NYT editorial: what the lame duck is doing
  1055. Temple U removes "Gott ist tot" saying from prof office dorr
  1056. 50-state strategy
  1057. Now that Obama is the president-elect
  1058. A staggering GOP...
  1059. The mysterious figure of Dick Cheney
  1060. NYT: Frank Rich on reclaiming America
  1061. Al Franken's likelihood of winning MN Senate seat
  1062. Giorgio Agamben excerpts
  1063. Poem: Tucson Sit
  1064. The Sultan of Cool: Obama's jumpshot (or setshot)
  1065. As David Brooks becomes more liberal, I like him more
  1066. From G. Keillor
  1067. Weegee, the photographer (or Arthur Fellig)
  1068. My favorite piece of writing about reading
  1069. Greenwald toasts the "competence/pra... media buzzword...
  1070. OpenSalon article: love, longing, time (a blog post)
  1071. Nuriel Roubini economics blog
  1072. How all those screens will affect film
  1073. Noncommittal review of Kanye's _808_
  1074. Letterman top 10 list on Palin's turkey
  1075. How memory overload works
  1076. BlackBerry Storm panned by NYTimes
  1077. Obama 2008 campaign by photograph
  1078. Review: _Triumph des Willens_ or _Triumph of the Will_
  1079. Delightful academic article
  1080. StarTrib letter to the editor: the Big Three and the means of production
  1081. Review of NBA game: Timberwolves v. Nuggets
  1082. Interesting health article
  1083. Quote
  1084. Delightful Keillor
  1085. Novel title idea
  1086. College instruction and adjunct labor
  1087. Affordability of higher education diminishing rapidly
  1088. US News & World Report PhD English rankings
  1089. Review: _Hard Boiled_ by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow
  1090. NYTimes article on book clubs
  1091. Frank Rich on Obama's transition team
  1092. Article: "While Public Colleges Feel Pain, For-Profits See Gains"
  1093. Bush gets shoes thrown at him by Iraqi journalist
  1094. Grading papers, longing
  1095. SKANK namesakes abound
  1096. The Genízaros: a piece of American history you may not have known
  1097. "Random article" feature on Wikipedia...
  1098. On gaining skill: 10,000 hours
  1099. Bernie Madoff and modern-day PC memes
  1100. I need to see _The Wrestler_
  1101. Violent life in the city of tundra
  1102. Definition: lassitude
  1103. Krugman: "America's Ponzi Era"
  1104. Andrew Sullivan on Rick Warren at Inauguration 09
  1105. Response to a Christianist I did not post as a reply
  1106. Thought: 2nd middle age
  1107. Vanity Fair's New Establishment top 100
  1108. Review: _Blue Velvet_ (1986, David Lynch)
  1109. Bruce Lee kills table tennis
  1110. Trichotillomania advice column
  1111. Sarah Palin for the Britney Era: the Calendar
  1112. NYT: Atheism on English Buses
  1113. On teaching English at community college
  1114. Response to an Inside Higher Ed anti-grad school tract by Bitch PhD
  1115. Keillor on who's reading what
  1116. Cheney and your e-mails
  1117. Bailout for the 24-hour news cycle
  1118. NYT: Frank Rich's segregation DC
  1119. Hollywood outlook 2009-2010
  1120. _The Bottom Billion_ looks like an interesting book
  1121. True story of an exploding whale
  1122. Poem: "Push up daisies later"
  1123. John Updike obit
  1124. 25 things
  1125. Self-published Christian book sells millions
  1126. Clean out your hard drive
  1127. Google and the future of books
  1128. Letter to editor regarding Sarah Palin op/ed
  1129. Reaction to Daschle nomination ending
  1130. Article and comments about the cost of higher education
  1131. My first Associated Content article published (on the octuplets)
  1132. Theatre weekend
  1133. Executive Pay Cap Petition
  1134. Zadie Smith's Obama
  1135. Letter to editor regarding banking bailouts
  1136. Support for previous post
  1137. Letter to my Congresspeople
  1138. Letter to editor 2-13-09: Taxes
  1139. Article: nationalize the banks
  1140. Photo gallery of this year's Oscar folks
  1141. Shane Battier article in NYT Mag
  1142. NBA all-star game remarks
  1143. NYTimes article: student expectations with grading
  1144. My Associated Content review of _The Reader_
  1145. Professor refuses to teach another course due to breach of contract
  1146. There's no such thing as "clean" coal
  1147. Another review published on AC: _Breathless_ by Godard (1960)
  1148. Another review: _2001: A Space Odyssey_
  1149. My Paul Harvey obit
  1150. Krugman on where the recession came from
  1151. G. Keillor eulogizes his deceased brother
  1152. Dissent to this decision? Alito, Scalia, Roberts are corporate shrills
  1153. Hilariously bad web site
  1154. Response to a Christian post
  1155. Another response for a Christian post (more sarcastic)
  1156. Job hunting...
  1157. Massive survey shows Americans turning away from organized religion
  1158. Collapse of Christian Evangelicalism?
  1159. Humanities job prospects
  1160. Associated Content article: fish oil
  1161. News Flash -- AIG
  1162. Religious post ... WDJD?
  1163. Associated Content article: _Wanted_
  1164. My "March Madness" Memory
  1165. The definition of marriage on M-W.com ...
  1166. Up to no good
  1167. _The Rise of the Creative Class_ by Richard Florida
  1168. Marriage Equality in Iowa?
  1169. Bob Dylan interview
  1170. NYT: The Emotion of Pride
  1171. First week of teaching just ended
  1172. Krugman: Regulate banks like it's 1930
  1173. The difficulty of teaching the research paper
  1174. Aritlcle on why people quit PhD programs
  1175. Tucson memory: fast food
  1176. Intelligence quotient is not determined by genetics
  1177. Inside Higher Ed article: Bigoted College Sports Fans
  1178. Weekend story
  1179. Economy: it's not recovering
  1180. Frank Rich on Torture
  1181. NYTimes: Atheists Go Public
  1182. NYTimes op/ed on the University
  1183. On Bush/Cheney/Rum... torture
  1184. Garrison Keillor forwards a fallacy re: torture
  1185. More on torture
  1186. Leonard Cohen Concert, 5-3-09
  1187. Torture arguments
  1188. David Brooks on education
  1189. Canada's FDR
  1190. NYTimes: "U.S. Soldier Shoots 5 of His Comrades to Death in Iraq"
  1191. Where stuff comes from and goes
  1192. NYTimes doesn't make Tarantino's _Inglorious Basterds_ sounds that great
  1193. Memorial Day cartoon
  1194. Adjunct Airline Pilots
  1195. On Cheney's Character: "A Small Man"
  1196. Roger Ebert on Hitchcock's _Vertigo_
  1197. Dick Cheney, torturing an Al-Qaida/Saddam Hussein link out of "enemy combatants"
  1198. My review of _Star Trek_
  1199. Plagiarism in the NYTimes
  1200. Uncyclopedia: Disinformation you can trust
  1201. A Poem That Sucks: "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou
  1202. Memorial Day Poem: "Dulce et Decorum Est" by Wilfred Owen
  1203. Worthwhile teaching mode
  1204. "Off-Track Profs"
  1205. David Carradine is dead
  1206. Shepard Smith: That's Fox News reporting I can believe in
  1207. Adjunct instructor working conditions
  1208. Scathing critique: Review of Olive Garden in St. Cloud, MN
  1209. Kobe versus LeBron debate
  1210. Response to Katherine Kersten defense of Guantanamo
  1211. Adjuncting, Grad School articles
  1212. NYT's "Room for Debate"
  1213. Talent infusion: US to extend it job benefits to gay partners
  1214. Is it just me, or...
  1215. Reading _McTeague_
  1216. Glenn Greenwald's criticism on gender politics; historical, literary precedents
  1217. Statement on the death of Michael Jackson
  1218. 4th of July Iowa Fireworks
  1219. Fun links
  1220. Malcolm Gladwell writes a review
  1221. Riding the Bus
  1222. Beer Link
  1223. The most heroic moment of my life
  1224. Teaching: Ditch the PowerPoint?
  1225. Malcolm Gladwell on overconfident
  1226. Hometown Hero Adam Pash on TV
  1227. My _The Hurt Locker_ review
  1228. NYTimes: Frank Rich on how "the Fix is in"
  1229. Time to pass EFCA; unionize the adjuncts
  1230. On health care reform: " The Swiftboating of Health Reform "
  1231. What is astroturf in politics?
  1232. Translation of a NYTimes article on adjuncting
  1233. _District 9_ movie notes
  1234. Torture in your name
  1235. The teaching of writing
  1236. Golden Oldie from David Brooks
  1237. Another Michael Jackson epitaph
  1238. Last year's man: jobless, divorced, mid-50s
  1239. Associated Content review: _Inglourious Basterds_
  1240. Pat Buchanan shows his true colors in his defense of Hitler (!?)
  1241. A coward retires: Bruce Bowen
  1242. Battle Journalism
  1243. Wal-Mart
  1244. Income inequality related to deindustrializa... and the skill-based economy
  1245. Glenn Greenwald at his best
  1246. My review of _Munich_ and musings on the case of Spielberg
  1247. Book on the intra-South slavery debate
  1248. As bills become laws...
  1249. UC System walkout
  1250. NYTimes article: Is college worth it?
  1251. Excellent film --
  1252. "73 Cents" mural in DC on health care
  1253. My Associated Content review of _Death Proof_ (Tarantino 2007)
  1254. Wikipedia inaccuracy laugher of the day!
  1255. Review of _The Graduate_ (1967)
  1256. Article on Elizabeth Taylor book
  1257. Faith and reason statement
  1258. I read sportsline.com
  1259. MLB news and commentary: Mark McGwire will be Cardinals hitting coach
  1260. The adjunct gauntlet
  1261. Good serving = good customer service
  1262. M. Ward on Austin City Limits
  1263. Remarks: _The Corporation_ by Joel Bakan, Free Press 2004
  1264. Guns
  1265. Sullivan on Palin (aka the scourge of intellectual conservatives)
  1266. Cal Thomas on Palin
  1267. In Praise of Kobe (I'm not the only one)
  1268. Frank Rich on Palin
  1269. DNA testing and fatherhood: complications
  1270. The enemy of Wal-Mart is my friend...
  1271. Malcolm Gladwell on Stanley H. Kaplan
  1272. Blackwater in Pakistan
  1273. Recession stories on _The Nation_
  1274. In praise of Baucus
  1275. Red Army Faction: Leftist Terrorist Organization in Postwar Germany
  1276. Europe and Islam (NYRB article)
  1277. My TV news source
  1278. Soldier's Own Words
  1279. More NYTimes war stories
  1280. Trends in social media/Web 2.0
  1281. Analysis of Tiger Woods' mea culpa statement
  1282. New Years' Resolution #1
  1283. Athletes in tears
  1284. Slideshow: Rural Elderly
  1285. Building excitement for _Avatar_
  1286. NYTimes: Josh Pastner, 32-year-old head coach at Memphis
  1287. NYTimes article: We still dislike George W. Bush
  1288. White House on Health Care Reform
  1289. Contractors: a private army of one's own
  1290. Art exhibit article
  1291. RZA & Andray Blatche: Long-lost twins?
  1292. Move out of Oklahoma...
  1293. Kobe on seeking out the ones who know
  1294. Frank Rich on Tiger Woods-as-Americ...
  1295. NY Books: The Future of Democracy
  1296. The Decade in Photographs
  1297. On getting a job
  1298. Retail and theft
  1299. On Palin
  1300. Robert Reich on next year's economy
  1301. The Economist: more on the economy
  1302. Jim Collins, The Hedgehog Concept
  1303. _The American_
  1304. Player of the decade: Kobe
  1305. _The French Revolution_, Thomas Carlyle
  1306. _The Economist_: On Cell Phones
  1307. Women in the workforce
  1308. Haunts of my youth: 36 Hours in Tucson
  1309. Personality test results
  1310. Don't bring guns to your workplace
  1311. Paul Krugman on Europe
  1312. Michael Redd and I are 1-in-a-million
  1313. War, mercenaries, Blackwater, Afghanistan
  1314. My hometown
  1315. Mark McGwire reaction
  1316. "The Quiet Coup" -- _The Atlantic_
  1317. _NYT_ on Sports Supplements
  1318. The hits keep coming from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)
  1319. A Widower, Twice
  1320. Joan Walsh on the Democrats
  1321. Why the cable news sucks so much
  1322. Coakley versus Brown
  1323. Jon Stewart on Coakley/Brown MA race
  1324. Can a corporation speak?
  1325. No Sympathy Lines for Complaining Students
  1326. The digest of the SOTU speech got me going
  1327. NYTimes JD Salinger Obit
  1328. Do foreigners have Constitutional rights?
  1329. Herschel Walker in MMA (?!)
  1330. Bankers
  1331. Bringing back social Darwinism
  1332. American Grifters: Palin and Edwards
  1333. No, NYTimes, do not recommend us *more* adjuncts
  1334. Why Microsoft products suck
  1335. What makes a good teacher (from _The Atlantic_)
  1336. On Politics
  1337. Statement regarding Saints' Super Bowl Win
  1338. NYBooks: On Facebook
  1339. G. Greenwald performs takedowns like jiu-jitsu
  1340. Paydirt, of a sort
  1341. Rosmanns: Cattle Family of the Year
  1342. GG Takedown: Human rights abuses by foreign countries
  1343. John Edwards: Sleaze
  1344. Goldman Sachs: Burying Greece
  1345. Frank Rich on the Democrats' Tone-Deafness
  1346. Nas: Hard as Ever
  1347. Dream from This Morning: Bill Gates
  1348. _The Atlantic_: The New Jobless Era in America
  1349. The Grateful Dead and the Internet Era Business
  1350. How Mossad Operates, We Must Assume
  1351. NYT: Richard Cohen on the Narcissus Society
  1352. I want to work here: Ponzi scheme
  1353. Generational Inequality
  1354. Robert Reich on health insurance company monopolies
  1355. Article on state-level gun law paranoia
  1356. The news about Blackwater
  1357. Pointing out the obvious about Glenn Beck
  1358. Comment to Dean Dad on _Insiderhighere...
  1359. Famous People That Drink Puppy Blood
  1360. Reaction to discussion on diversity discussion
  1361. Robert Reich on Big Government versus Big Corporations
  1362. Review of _Purge: Rehab Diaries_ on Associated Content
  1363. NYTimes: About online education
  1364. Krugman in NYTimes
  1365. NYTimes: Bob Herbert
  1366. _The Atlantic_ on Geithner
  1367. Dean Dad tells the truth about the future of higher education
  1368. NY Review of Books articles: Tea Party and Avatar
  1369. The tough new Mavericks
  1370. What really motivates you?
  1371. That's my (thin) president: Obama behind the scenes from TPM
  1372. Private Health Insurance
  1373. List of social media skills
  1374. Brand Loyalty: Google
  1375. NYTimes opinion makers
  1376. Obama on health care reform passage
  1377. Frank Rich situates the tea party brick-throwing
  1378. How to be a jerk sportswriter
  1379. Somebody's getting rich while I'm not
  1380. French conservative perspective on health care
  1381. Dean Dad makes me retch
  1382. Peak experience: empiricism?
  1383. NYTimes: "Can ‘Neuro Lit Crit’ Save the Humanities?"
  1384. My Review of _Clash of the Titans_
  1385. Go Tiger!
  1386. NYTimes' Frank Rich: Era of 70% responsibility
  1387. Baseball News: Big Papi Sux for the Sox
  1388. Good to see that Nebraska politics have cooled down....
  1389. Vinny Del Negro = fiery coach
  1390. Go Suns!
  1391. Want Jamie Dimon as your commencement speaker?
  1392. Economic Inequality Statistic
  1393. Life of solitude
  1394. Nine years to the PhD?
  1395. Wall St Execs: We're sorry -- all the way to the bank
  1396. Robert McKee on the state of storytelling
  1397. Is Victor Davis Hanson being facetious?
  1398. Good start to article by Thomas Sowell (but finishes with a misreading)
  1399. Where the money goes at colleges...
  1400. Sarah Palin's money machine
  1401. Statement regarding Arizona's "papers please" law
  1402. Mark Cuban's Mavs: Fun to Watch Even When They Lose
  1403. Crocodile tears for the HENRYs?
  1404. "No tenure? No problem" article
  1405. Good piece on Kevin Garnett, but I still don't like his mouth
  1406. My senator: Harkin
  1407. NYBooks article: political america
  1408. More thoughts on Kagan nomination
  1409. Movie note: _The Man Who Wasn't There_
  1410. View from the ivory tower re: adjunct-conting...
  1411. Movie note: _In Bruges_
  1412. MacGruber trailer actually looks funny
  1413. LeBron: do or die time
  1414. Some research I'm doing...
  1415. My review of _Iron Man 2_
  1416. LeBron: not that great
  1417. LeBron bringing winsome longings out of Cleveland fans
  1418. Great moments in shortened words
  1419. NBA Conference Finals Previews
  1420. Jamie Dimon commencement speech
  1421. WSJ article on performance reviews
  1422. GG: Radically Anti-Closet
  1423. Teaching Profession: Eviscerated
  1424. What's going down?
  1425. FP's and unions
  1426. That's *my* president: Obama on LeBron
  1427. Krugman on Obama versus the corporations
  1428. John Yoo: just a jerk
  1429. Sports journalists agree: Kobe > LeBron
  1430. RIP Dennis Hopper
  1431. About the Lakers...
  1432. Pets as metaphor for good relationship behaviors
  1433. The Hoops Whisperer
  1434. Kobe on LeBron
  1435. David Brooks' defense of the humanities
  1436. Colleges: selling their students to credit card companies
  1437. Stephen Strasbourg: The Real Deal
  1438. Tom Osborne's decision
  1439. Actually good article from Stanley Fish...
  1440. Dean Dad describes the market I teach in
  1441. Concert: Black Keys
  1442. Comment on _Insiderhighere...
  1443. NYTimes: letters about divorce
  1444. Why I don't give blood to the Red Cross (and why you shouldn't either)
  1445. Re: Comment on _Insiderhighere...
  1446. Procrastination
  1447. The slow creep of extended childhood
  1448. Why my grandma doesn't go out driving much anymore
  1449. NBA Finals, Game 7
  1450. Tougher rules for for-profit higher ed
  1451. My review of _Wild at Heart_ by David Lynch
  1452. Who do you trust: big government or big business?
  1453. Student journalist in AZ stumps representative
  1454. Researching Adjunct-Conting...
  1455. Plagiarism and TurnItIn
  1456. Interview question: what's the meaning of life
  1457. Camille Paglia: most foolish generalizations per word
  1458. Andrew J. Bacevich on "The Long War"
  1459. Corrupt capitalists, Lebron scuttlebutt
  1460. Student narratives
  1461. Joel Zumaya injury
  1462. Where that military spending goes...
  1463. Only in my home county...
  1464. LeBron/D-Wade Combo
  1465. Robert Reich on Inequality
  1466. Best Buy corporate philosophy
  1467. Bosh/Wade pairing
  1468. People that say they hate things actually love them
  1469. LeBron in Miami!
  1470. Favre: How to skip training camp and act like it's no big deal
  1471. Good parents, bad kid(s)
  1472. What will happen to the Suns?
  1473. Karl Rove: "I'm Blameless!" for Iraq
  1474. NFL Players: burning cash
  1475. Another reason to hate LeBron and love Kobe
  1476. Iowa and Nebraska football getting hyped!
  1477. Spain's employment market looks like the future of American labor market
  1478. Reaction to _Salon_ review of _Inception_
  1479. Vilsack in DC: caving like a true Beltway Democrat
  1480. My job, in someone else's words
  1481. NBA's healthiest franchises, "max guys"
  1482. I'm not the only Kobe fan
  1483. Frum on the USDA lady brouhaha
  1484. Athletes: Making Dime
  1485. What happened to Khalid El-Amin
  1486. Chris Paul wants trade; reaction to Miami Heat trio move
  1487. Inaugural Rachel Maddow post
  1488. On T-Wolves basketball
  1489. This is an outrage to both women and men
  1490. Legalized pot in Oakland: implications
  1491. From a job post at a for-profit college
  1492. I heart T-Wolves GM David Kahn
  1493. Scum-beck
  1494. Talent and the NBA 1980s
  1495. Steve Pavlina is a genius
  1496. Default rates on college loans
  1497. The end of military history?
  1498. The Obama Presidency, right now
  1499. For-profits
  1500. Adopt this dog?
  1501. The NBA's elite
  1502. Comparing Labor Rules re: NBA/NFL
  1503. Chief Export: Misery
  1504. Corporations: behaving predictably
  1505. Democrats with cojones, lesson 1
  1506. Another mass shooting
  1507. Separated for a long time instead of divorce
  1508. Plagiarism
  1509. Torn ACLs: to have surgery or to not have surgery
  1510. Connecticut shooting
  1511. Male tastes in women: predictable (@BrettFavre)
  1512. High school graduation speeches that matter
  1513. Drinking habits during a recession
  1514. It's all about the Favre!
  1515. What is important about study time? Reading.
  1516. (no subject)
  1517. _Forbes_ best colleges list
  1518. _Inside Higher Ed_ post got a notice
  1519. Ol Monty!
  1520. Chipper Jones down with injury
  1521. One day working at McDonald's
  1522. Lower lights of the FP college industry
  1523. Simpsons: Grad Students Clip
  1524. Boombox song
  1525. The Adjunct Wars Continue
  1526. Article on "twentysomethin...
  1527. Movie pitch: _Stone Cold Brotha_
  1528. Lit class assignment ideas
  1529. The adjunct wars continue, and continue
  1530. Huh? Iraq War was good idea?
  1531. The elephant in the room
  1532. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  1533. Rob Dibble on Effort and Success
  1534. More adjunct wars
  1535. Announcement: Death of the Humanities
  1536. Kanye!
  1537. More hip-hop: "Classic" with Kanye, Rakim, Nas, KRS-One
  1538. Re: Comment on _Insiderhighere...
  1539. Tips on how to write better
  1540. Room for Debate: College Selectivity
  1541. Inside higher ed comment
  1542. Chronicle: Graduate-School Applications Spiked After Economy's Plunge
  1543. David Kahn on T-Wolves development
  1544. Motivation
  1545. _Inside Higher Ed_ comment that probably won't be published
  1546. Thomas Friedman honest about his China-lust
  1547. Mark Zuckerberg
  1548. Inside higher ed comment
  1549. _Inside Higher Ed_ comment: Laptops in class
  1550. Remediation and Assessment Exams
  1551. The new TA experience
  1552. poem
  1553. ACL injury prevention is just good training
  1554. Open letter to Juan Williams, formerly of NPR
  1555. Bicycling death downtown
  1556. xtranormal video I made: A Scene from For-Profit University
  1557. Multiple ACL replacements
  1558. Iowa-Nebraska connection
  1559. IHE comment to Dean Dad
  1560. On separation, divorce, etc.
  1561. Love this IHE comment (not from me)
  1562. Laffer curve
  1563. No one posts...
  1564. gratitude for the academic life
  1565. ugh
  1566. Postings...
  1567. teaching
  1568. Teaching
  1569. Tiredness...
  1570. People like it when you ask them for help
  1571. Tonight...
  1572. English 101 (first-year comp) tonight
  1573. Thursday
  1574. winter wonderland
  1575. snow
  1576. grad school apps
  1577. Sunday
  1578. Laptop
  1579. Workin man
  1580. work
  1581. teaching went well
  1582. Arne Duncan
  1583. Two roles
  1584. Home and going to sleep
  1585. today
  1586. Airport trip
  1587. snow on the ground
  1588. Snowstorm/work
  1589. today
  1590. From _Mother Jones_
  1591. Gangsta slang
  1592. Mark Cuban wants to overturn the BCS?
  1593. Wasteful spending?
  1594. Haley Barbour defends white citizens' leagues
  1595. Gil Arenas Magic debut
  1596. Today
  1597. Survey
  1598. Coach Bladt
  1599. EEOC/Kaplan
  1600. German-Bavarian Economy
  1601. MIlitary standards too high for many young people
  1602. Xmas weekend
  1603. Working...
  1604. The amazing....
  1605. I had plantar fascitis...
  1606. back from vacation
  1607. Can the Hawkeyes keep a running back?
  1608. Facebook criticism
  1609. Taking the hammer to the unions
  1610. VDH on illegal immigration
  1611. Interesting trial article
  1612. Greatest military ever?
  1613. Sad to see Gabby Giffords get shot
  1614. NYTimes: liberal economists on the Obama Era
  1615. Kevin Love on his rebounding philosophy and story
  1616. Gabby Giffords' Jewish Identity
  1617. Nice diet!
  1618. Danny Woodhead getting pub
  1619. My day, 1-14-11
  1620. Polling now means nothing...
  1621. Mandates without money support put students in...
  1622. Is the unemployment rate high because...
  1623. Comment from _Chronicle_ on writing at the STEM field
  1624. Ghost of bad NBA teams past: 97-98 Denver Nuggets
  1625. Excellent weekend
  1626. Who am I?
  1627. ready to retire
  1628. Go Obama!
  1629. faculty/staff meeting
  1630. 10 Famous Moments in Super Bowl History, from NBC Sports
  1631. I'll take one serving of liberal guilt with my NFL
  1632. AO Scott on one of my faves, _Solyaris_ by Tarkovsky
  1633. _Inside Higher Ed_ from Dean Dad
  1634. Chuck Barkley defends Kevin Love
  1635. Blog
  1636. IHE comment
  1637. Charlie Sheen
  1638. From _Mother Jones_ on inequality
  1639. "state capture" and Qaddafi, from Brookings
  1640. reaction to krugman article
  1641. You mail, you fail
  1642. Rick Ro$$, _Teflon Don_
  1643. March Madness, jerk Wall St guy
  1644. Libya thoughts
  1645. Good finish to a weakish Friedman article
  1646. Are students getting that much worse?
  1647. Bill Self "defense" by Doyel
  1648. Calipari and Calhoun: No, they're both sleaze
  1649. Go Lakers! 3-peat!
  1650. comment on Paul Ryan's budget
  1651. 12 Angry Men theater in Bloomington
  1652. Online classes for high schoolers
  1653. On teachers and motivation
  1654. From _Foreign Policy_
  1655. Good piece on Derrick Rose
  1656. Star Tribune web redesign
  1657. Barry Bonds...
  1658. Negative thinking activity
  1659. Comment on _inside higher ed_
  1660. Chronicle versus Inside Higher Ed
  1661. Tucson biking; takes me back
  1662. "McD's" client
  1663. Reagan era union-busting and the effects on today traffic controllers
  1664. On the adjunct ticker
  1665. comment on Inside Higher Ed
  1666. the new Braves coaching staff sure sounds like a bunch of classy guys
  1667. Short Bio
  1668. Bio of a fictional character
  1669. comment on Inside Higher Ed: You are expendable
  1670. comment on Inside Higher Ed: You are expendable
  1671. "Mother Savage"
  1672. Baby Mama Drama
  1673. inside higher ed comment: online courses
  1674. What I did today
  1675. Blackjack $
  1676. Restless
  1677. comment on my poem!
  1678. TDE Example Paragraph for English 101
  1679. Go Mavs!
  1680. Weird event at my public library
  1681. Shaq retires
  1682. Shaq pwned by Hakeem
  1683. Reposted: my article on Dirk
  1684. Have I hit my nadir?
  1685. What I did today
  1686. Inside Higher Ed comment
  1687. Yeah....
  1688. Ya gotta ask....
  1689. LeBron hate continues apace
  1690. My Review of _X-Men: First Class_
  1691. LeBron backtracks; signals humility
  1692. Classic Big Pun song and video
  1693. Daily report
  1694. Kobe
  1695. Gosh was the Bush Administration a disaster...
  1696. TV
  1697. Continued liveblogging of the Bachelorette
  1698. Rory McElroy
  1699. Steve Pavlina is my homey
  1700. Bachelorette
  1701. Siskel's dead, Ebert can't talk, but the latter is still a moralistic jerk
  1702. Cool -- Wikipedia teachez
  1703. David Foster Wallace's "This is water" commencement speech
  1704. Journey acapella cover -- Petra Haden -- "Don't Stop Believin'"
  1705. Lessons fer life
  1706. email exchange w/ a friend
  1707. Will the T-Wolves ever be relevant again?
  1708. comment on IHE
  1709. IHE comment
  1710. Inside higher ed comment
  1711. Anyone else watching the Casey Anthony trial?
  1712. Casey Anthony Trial
  1713. Bachelorette
  1714. healthy reminder re teaching those for whom there is no "there" there
  1715. Shall we corporatize the family?
  1716. I like seeing Johnny Depp get rich
  1717. Knox and Anthony
  1718. Women in Mpls bike more than nat'l avg
  1719. About your Russian doctor...
  1720. American debt
  1721. Writing life quote
  1722. Good site for writers
  1723. Caste system?
  1724. Bachelorette update
  1725. Pavlina -- how to do everything wrong
  1726. Marissa Nadler, dream-folk singer-songwrit...
  1727. Just watched...
  1728. Alarmist Newsweek Article on Prostitution
  1729. Good idea re: plagiarism
  1730. Fun impressions vid
  1731. Amy Winehouse died
  1732. NYTimes on Food History
  1733. Once a d-bag always a 'bag?
  1734. What happened in the Bachelorette episode tonight?
  1735. Interesting article: Pay the NCAA Stars
  1736. Pretty funny web site
  1737. up to no good...
  1738. Factoid
  1739. Give some, get some; it all evens out
  1740. First ACL tear
  1741. Mindsay server down?
  1742. I wanna see
  1743. Yawn....
  1744. What my lit class created last night
  1745. The future of American work
  1746. Mindsay servers!
  1747. on plagiarism, one of my pet issues
  1748. Ways in which this generation will have it better than the last
  1749. I am watching...
  1750. Where I'm from...
  1751. This 1934 movie I watched last night was great
  1752. Poem (not even worth putting on Associated Content)
  1753. _Waiting for Superman_ short review
  1754. rap poem (in class 8-30-11)
  1755. From "Can the middle class be saved?" in _Atlantic_
  1756. What are we doing for these veterans?
  1757. Wow, props to the Kardashian business model
  1758. What I'm listening to...
  1759. Best diss track ever?
  1760. Pretty hilarious for the writing
  1761. Kanye is that awesome
  1762. Comment re: Kinsey, pornography, sexual revolution
  1763. Anybody gone over this bridge?
  1764. Happy birthday to Nasir Jones, y'all
  1765. "We need dogs, not cats"
  1766. Nas link: "Hero"
  1767. Education industry remarks
  1768. Writing on Sheen
  1769. Charlie Sheen's scene in _Ferris Bueller's Day Off_
  1770. Where to move?
  1771. Article on food
  1772. Radiohead on Colbert
  1773. Son smarter than the father....
  1774. Goodbye retail jobs if you're just a checkout girl?
  1775. Just added Facebook Timeline
  1776. What a wonderful world....
  1777. I am running...
  1778. Hey all...
  1779. Education and death of Steve Jobs
  1780. insidehighered post
  1781. insidehighered post
  1782. haikuish poem
  1783. My piece: what is the Occupy movement all about?
  1784. sort-of poem on online education
  1785. Sen. Bernie Sander's report on conflicts of interest at the Federal Reserve
  1786. Suh -- Incognito connection
  1787. Autumnal poem (for class today)
  1788. the 3 million word gap
  1789. Just leafed through....
  1790. surfing info
  1791. what happened to pets.com?
  1792. Movie viewing
  1793. "Dulce et decorum est" teaching
  1794. Some dogs are BAD
  1795. Herman Cain
  1796. Life Purpose Statement
  1797. writing prompt
  1799. Okay...
  1800. Good no-nonsense points about interviewing
  1801. "Dear Student" article
  1802. Creative nonfiction prompt, from Poets & Writers
  1803. Creative nonfiction prompt, from Poets & Writers
  1804. Pareto efficiency
  1805. Definition of Death
  1806. Ideas for Hum200 exam
  1807. Questions for _Dumbo_
  1808. Facebook IPO
  1809. passed on acquaintance
  1810. nba fans....
  1811. Come on, aim a little higher with the other woman
  1812. Living singly
  1813. Poll question: Valentine's Day
  1814. What I posted here....
  1815. NBA All-Star
  1816. FB post: Anoka-Hennepin Neutrality Policy re: LGBT
  1817. Henry Rollins' story
  1818. iGoogle FAIL
  1819. Dr. Drew's LifeChangers
  1820. Weird web analytics
  1821. Interesting prompt from _Poets & Writers_ mag
  1822. Interesting article -- "parricide"
  1823. Olympics Wal-Mart Ads
  1824. Olympics
  1825. Spelling
  1826. Writing Prompt
  1827. Kobe/Jordan
  1828. Comment on inside higher ed
  1829. Comment on FB
  1830. Writing prompt: summer memoir
  1831. Poets and Writers writing prompt
  1832. Inside higher ed article -- quitting adjuncting
  1833. fiction narrative start
  1834. Random Thought re: Election
  1835. Poets and Writers Writing Prompt -- nonfiction and linearity
  1836. The Recycle Bin and Organization Day (poem)
  1837. another writing prompt
  1838. Poetry prompt from Poets & Writers
  1839. Poets and Writers memoir prompt
  1840. Writing prompts (three of them)
  1841. Writing prompt from Poets & Writers
  1842. Writing prompts from Poets & Writerss -- ctl-A to see
  1843. P&W prompt
  1844. P&W prompt -- writing composition styles
  1845. Poets and Writers prompt: 1000-word essay
  1846. Comments to mull
  1847. Flipped classroom
  1848. Poets and Writers Fiction Prompt
  1849. Poets and Writers Fairytale Prompt
  1850. How to write better
  1851. David Foster Wallace article
  1852. Facebook down? WTH.
  1853. If online ed is a joke, what does that make MOOCs?
  1854. P & W prompt
  1855. Poetry Prompt
  1856. Writing Prompts from Poets & Writers
  1857. Same-Sex Marriage: Today It Passed in Minnesota
  1858. Writing Prompt from P&W
  1859. P&W Prompts
  1860. P&W Prompt
  1861. Neologism: Carnivonormativ...
  1862. Update
  1863. Embarrassing Moment Series
  1864. Working is hard...
  1865. Aborted InsideHigherEd post
  1866. Bad writing
  1867. Dilemma
  1868. Old days theater
  1869. Inspiration
  1870. Today's report
  1871. New Laptop
  1872. (no subject)
  1873. Unpublished comment on Inside Higher Ed
  1874. Unpublished comment
  1875. Skeeziness Musings
  1876. Loss for words
  1877. Errbody workin' for the weekend
  1878. übertragung
  1879. Comment on Inside Higher Ed
  1880. Back to the Blog
  1881. Anybody else watching
  1882. Letter to the editor
  1883. Letter to the editor again
  1884. Letter to the editor, foods
  1885. Letter to the Editor, Nov. 7
  1886. Response to an essay
  1887. Open Letter to Education Ventures, NY NY
  1888. Comment on IHE -- DJT
  1889. IHE comment
  1890. Comment re: Baylor football and sexual assault
  1891. Trump Article
  1892. Post

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