Bad Advice: The Children Question
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From Worried Mom: My 44-year-old brother-in-law, "Bryce," still lives at home. He has never dated, nor has he had any kind of adult relationship in his life. He is extremely affectionate toward children, especially males. My in-laws say Bryce is harmless. I think his behavior is abnormal.
Last week, I came home early from work. When I came through the door, I surprised Bryce saying goodbye to my 10-year-old son. Bryce was rubbing his hands up and down my son's arms and saying, "Goodbye, sweetheart. I love you." When he saw me, Bryce immediately stopped. He seemed caught off guard and embarrassed and left quickly.
My husband was in another part of the house and didn't see or hear his brother and our son. I told my husband I was uncomfortable about the idea of his brother being alone with our son. My husband dismissed the whole thing, saying Bryce is harmless. My gut tells me otherwise. What should I do?

There's a lot of things I think you should do. Smack your husband upside the head. Hire a contract killer to off your pedophile brother-in-law (or at the very least report him to the local police), so that shit like this never happens again. Your son may already be permanently scarred, and this behavior by your brother-in-law is no new development. He's been lurking in the basement of his parents' house, constantly jerking off, hating the outside world, and trying to figure out a way to steal back the innocence of his own youth. He already knows how to do this. It's the fountain of youth, vigor and innocence, and has always had a high degree of popularity with sadistic priests in the Catholic Church: the bodies and souls of young boys. Yes, this pederast "loves" your son. It's only a matter of time until he "loves" your son to the point of destroying his young life. Do you really want your son to committ suicide because he blames himself for the abuse when he's 22 years old?
The word "harmless" appeared twice in your letter, both times used by the brother-in-law's family. Is it "harmless" to have this 44-year-old's throbbing member penetrate every available orifice of your son? This pederast needs to either been dead or in jail to prevent further irreparable damage to society. This man is a monster, consumed by evil, convinced that he can gain back goodness--and fill the horrible void in his own soul--by raping young boys.
If your husband will not go along with what is the obvious needed action--never even to let your son near this man, nevermind alone with him--then you need to cut you and your son off from that side of the family. This man is a virus, a disease, a vermin whose depravity runs so deep that words can only allude to the evil of the darkest recesses of his demonic mind.
I know you probably won't do what is actually your duty: to kill this man off, to protect society at large, and also to end that man's misery (you see, he hates himself). But in the meantime, I do recommend letting the authorities know what's going on. They'll tell you what I've told you: that this bastard brother-in-law is anything but "harmless"--he actually meets every single criteria for a child rapist: dejection, loneliness, lack of normal relationships with adults, financial dependency on others, and perhaps most importantly, an utter lack of evidence of sexual attraction to anyone but innocent little boys.
That's my advice. But now a message to the political Right. The above bastard brother-in-law/pederast is absolutely not "gay" or "homosexual," and neither were those child-fucking Catholic priests. Being gay and lesbian means having relationships with members of the same sex and of a legal age. The brother-in-law described above is a pedophile and a pederast, interested in controlling and stealing the innocence of young boys. Normal relationships are not based on control, power and inequality, which are the cores of pederasty/pedophilia. And same-sex mutual relationships are just as normal as heterosexual ones. And also, white, Christian, churchgoing men--who appear "normal"--are most likely to act on their child-rape urges, not gay men.


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